biography of Alison Pouliot photographer and ecologist


I am a natural historian and environmental photographer who uses words and images to evoke stories of the living world, as well as the non-living. I’m especially interested in forgotten corners and lifeforms; the stuff that slips between the cracks. I aim to convey the extraordinariness of life, both peculiar and familiar. I am rather partial to the fungal and the spineless.

A penchant for new ventures and experiences has led me to unique and remote environments within Australia and beyond. I endeavour to document the moods and resonances of those places, but also aim to expose the many changes wrought by human disregard.

I am fortunate to be an Honorary Fellow at the Australian National University.


I’m usually somewhere between the centre of Victoria, Australia and the centre of Switzerland, or somewhere off the edge. I’d love to hear from you:

Northern Hemisphere: +41 764 930 957

Southern Hemisphere: + 61 439 764 344