WORKSHOP – Fungus Discovery Workshop

Fungus Discovery Workshop

Fungi capture our attention because of their dramatic forms and colourS, yet the fungi of the Otways forest are little known. Only very scant and mostly anecdotal records exist. Fungi are an important part of these ecosystems especially in creating and stabilising soils, nourishing and interconnecting plants, as a food supply for animals, and essentially underpinning their health and resilience.

How do we differentiate one mushroom from another? Come along to this workshop and learn how to find your way around a mushroom. Participants will learn the basic features used to identify fungi using the senses including sight, touch and smell. We will begin with an overview of the major morphogroups such as agarics, boletes and puffballs and then examine some of the more common fungi of the region and their important diagnostic features.

Following an interactive indoor identification session around a specimen table we will then head to the field to find fungi of interest. This includes being able to recognise the particular plants, substrates and habitats with which certain fungi associate.

Participants will be provided with supplementary notes and are encouraged to bring along specimens to identify.

Alison’s recent book The Allure of Fungi in which she interacted with fungi and their followers in the forests of a dozen countries, will also be available for purchase.

Further workshops can be viewed at this link.


But the fungi are still there and we’ll reschedule for next autumn. Stay tuned!


TIME: 10:00 – 4:00


COST: $65