WORKSHOP – Mushroom Encounters

Mushroom Encounters– An Introduction to the Kingdom Fungi

While flora and fauna have received the focus of most biodiversity and conservation programs, fungi are finally getting a look in. Australia is experiencing something of a ‘fungal awakening’ and the important ecological and cultural significances of fungi are being realised.

This highly interactive workshop introduces participants to the diversity, ecology and curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi, specific to fungi found in the region but also within a wider Australian (and international) context. It includes an overview of the major fungal groups, the basics of fungus identification, fungal ecology, and the natural and cultural history of fungi.

Fungal specimens from the local area will be displayed, discussed and examined.

Following the theoretical session we will partake in an exciting foray through various habitat types of local environments to search for species of interest.

Participants are encouraged to bring along their fungus specimens for identification.

Further workshops can be viewed at this link.

Signed copies of Alison’s books, The Allure of Fungi and Wild Mushrooming will be available for purchase.




TIME: 10am– 4pm

COST: $10