WORKSHOP – The Bizarre & the Beautiful

The Bizarre & the Beautiful – A Deeper Exploration of a Curious Kingdom

This workshop will take participants deeper into the fungi kingdom with a close look at the ecology of fungi as well as the major characteristics used to identify fungi in the field. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own specimens for identification but will also get to handle and identify a range of different species provided. The workshop includes a display of local specimens, an illustrated and interactive seminar and a foray into various local habitat types.

The role of fungi in agricultural soil processes and the importance of fungal conservation will also be discussed.

The workshop includes an illustrated seminar, a display of local specimens, an interactive specimen identification session and a foray into various local habitat types.

The workshop is targetted at a broad audience with little or no understanding of fungi but would possibly be of most interest to naturalists, conservationists, Landcarers, farmers, or anyone wishing to understand the ecological significance of fungi. Supplementary notes will also provided.

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VENUE: Bibbaringa, 1268 Wymah Road, Bowna

TIME: 10am – 4pm

COST: $125-

BOOKINGS: Gillian Sanbrook

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