SEMINAR & BOOK LAUNCH – The Allure of Fungi

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The Allure of Fungi

The temperate rainforest environments of the Otways Forests are renowned for their diversity of habitats, vegetation and microclimates. They also harbour an astonishing variety of fungi.

Although fungi underpin the resilience of terrestrial ecosystems, they have been overlooked in Australian biodiversity conservation. With the guidance of ecologist, Alison Pouliot, local Otways communities have been exploring and documenting fungi for over a decade and as a result, fungi are now included in local conservation.

Between 2012 and 2016, Alison spent a thousand days among the fungi in the forests of twelve countries (including the Otways) to search for the answer to one question – why are fungi regarded so differently to other forms of life? Her recent book, The Allure of Fungi, explores the answer to that question and provides the possibility for fungi to be recognised as vital to functioning ecosystems. However, it also offers something else – the opportunity to think differently not just about fungi, but the natural world more broadly.

This illustrated and interactive seminar explores the significance of fungi through a range of voices from naturalists to philosophers and members of the local community. Alison will share stories of a decade of fungal findings and read some anecdotes from the book. Signed and discounted copies of the book will be available for sale on the night.

All welcome.

This event is supported by Apollo Bay Discussion Group.

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7pm – 9pm

Free to attend.

95 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, Victoria

Bookings: Margaret Murphy

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