SEMINAR – Writers in the Woolshed


Dinner Seminar, Writers at the Woolshed Earth Canvas Writers’ Festival

Writing in Place – A Thousand Days in the Forest

Between 2012 and 2016, photographer, ecologist and author Alison Pouliot spent a thousand days in the forests of twelve countries. She sought fungi and their followers and the answer to one question –– why are fungi regarded so differently to other forms of life? Alison recorded her findings – in a 100,000 words – in situ, with a notebook and pencil. Her work has been published in her book, The Allure of Fungi.

In an increasingly virtual and less sensorial world, writing in place enables one to tune to the seasons, rhythms and nuances of the surrounds. It nurtures the imagination and offers the chance to roam uncharted territory, both literally and allegorically. It opens possibilities for serendipity and risk, space for intuition and curiosity. Australia’s vast and ancient landscapes relative to Europe’s geologically young terrain helped recalibrate notions of time and space, to imagine another outlook on uncertain futures. Most importantly, writing in place provided the opportunity to foster the ‘ecologies of creativity’ necessary for an ecologically resilient and socially just future.

In this talk Alison will share her experiences of the forest, visual impressions and some excerpts from her book.

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TIME: 6pm-10pm

Includes talk and 2 course Paddock to Plate Dinner

COST: $65-

VENUE: Bibbaringa

1268 Wymah Rd Bowna, NSW

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