FORAY – Drumstick Truffleclub & Midnight Disco


Drumstick Truffleclub & Midnight Disco

– Encounters with Fungi

While many of us are familiar with the good old ‘back paddock mushroom’, fungi materialise in all sorts of strange configurations. Meet Drumstick Truffleclub and Midnight Disco!

Why are some fungi shaped like umbrellas, others like coral and others still like lattice balls or goblets? How do these various morphologies help them distribute their spores and ensure their survival?

The forests or the Creswick region are well known for their great diversity of fungi in all their myriad forms. This foray introduce participants to the strange world of the fungal kingdom. Participants will receive an introduction to the basics of identifying fungi in the field. Cultural significances such as the edibility and toxicity of fungi will also be explored.

Please note that this foray is run entirely in the field so be sure to dress warmly as we move very slowly through the forest. You might also like to bring a flask of warm tea.

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12:30 – 15:30


Cost: $50-

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