WORKSHOP – Fungi of the Box Ironbark Forests


Fungus Identification and Survey Training Day

The fungi of the Box and Ironbark forests of central-northern Victoria are virtually unknown. Only very scant and mostly anecdotal records exist. Fungi are an important part of these forests in creating and stabilising soils, nourishing and interconnecting plants. They also provide a vital food supply for animals, recycle nutrients and filter water, underpinning their health and resilience. Effective forest ‘management’ would ideally take into account soil health and the interconnectivities between species and thereby include fungi. An overview of the fungi of these forests would contribute important information to the greater understanding of their biodiversity and function.

This aim of the training day is to equip participants with the basic principles and protocols for surveying fungi in the field. These participants could then further develop their skills to become leaders in engaging the wider community to partake in fungus surveying. The training day will follow the guidelines as outlined by Fungimap in their publication Guide to Surveying Fungi in Australia.

The training day includes the following components:

  • Introduction to the major groups of fungi and the features necessary for field-identification.
  • Overview of the role of fungi in ecosystems.
  • Survey requirements, preparation, techniques and protocols used to survey fungi in the field.
  • Recording fungus data (written records, photographs and specimens) in the field.
  • Overview of preparing collections to lodge specimens with herbaria.

The training day begins with a two-hour indoor session where participants will be given an overview of the day and basic instruction on how to find, survey and identify fungi. This will be followed by a four hour field trip, to three different and contrasting sites within the forest.

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Date:  WEDNESDAY 30 MAY 2018


Time: 10AM – 5PM

Cost: No charge to attend but bookings essential. Morning tea and supplementary notes included.

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