CONFERENCE – Fungal Connections

Fungal Connections to Flora & Fauna

This conference delves into the critical role fungi play in the survival of plants and many native Australian animals. The mutualistic nature of these relationships will be explored in the context of various ecosystems.

Mycologists and researchers in the field will offer insights into mycorrhizal relationships with plants and the dependence of fungi on many native mammals and other animals. The conference offers new views on the subterranean connections that are vital to the survival of life on the planet.

Confirmed speakers include: Dr Alison Pouliot ecologist, Dr. Camille Truong, Aviya Naccarella PhD research on fungal relationships with native mammals, Emily McIntyre PhD research on relationship between potoroos and fungi in Victoria.

Further workshops can be viewed at this link.



TIME: 9am – 4pm

LOCATION: Euroa Community Conference Centre at Memorial Oval, Cnr Slee Street & Dunn Streets Euroa, VIC

COST: $60 includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea.