FORAY – A foray among the fungi of Barham


A Foray among the fungi of Barham

The temperate rainforest environments of the Otways Forest are renowned for their great diversity of habitat types, vegetation and microclimates and hence support an astonishing variety of fungi.

Although fungi underpin the resilience of terrestrial ecosystems, they have been overlooked in notions of biodiversity and conservation in Australia. Could greater attention to the fungal networks that bind, filter and aerate soils and govern energy flows in our local forests be the solution to more effective conservation?

How might fungi also provide literal and allegorical frameworks for more innovative ways of thinking about the natural world?

This 2.5 hour foray introduces participants to the amazing diversity and ecological significance of fungi. Participants will learn the basic diagnostic features used to identify fungi in the field. As we wander through the fungal kingdom we will discuss their conservation significance and how to encourage fungi in local farm and forest environments.

For a full list of autumn 2018 mushroom workshops and forays visit this link.


SATURDAY 12 May 2018

14:00 – 16:30


Free to attend but bookings essential

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