FORAY – How to Smell a Mushroom Kid’s Foray

Children's Foray

How to Smell a Mushroom – Fungus Foray for Kids

What are fungi? Why do some smell like a dead fish and others like bubblegum? Why do some feel slimy and others like velvet? And why on earth do some grow on poo?

This foray introduces children to the weird and whacky wonders of the Kingdom Fungi.

Long ago, before fungi had names and microscopes were invented, people used their senses much more to identify fungi. This foray encourage participants to reingage the senses and explore the sensory delights of these curious organisms. During this 2.5 hour foray we will seek fungi of interest and discover insights about what they do in the forest.

The foray will go ahead regardless of weather so be sure to wear sturdy shoes and wet weather gear and perhaps bring along a flask of hot tea if the weather is cold.


SATURDAY 15 APRIL 2017, 14:00 – 16:30


Cost: $25 for adults and $15 for kids

Bookings: Trentham Neighbourhood Centre: or 03 5424 1354

Further Information: Alison at