WORKSHOP – Fungi in Focus

Fungi in Focus

The Bellarine Region is home to an incredible diversity of fungi. With their peculiar forms and amazing array of colours, fungi make intriguing photographic subjects. In this workshop participants will learn how to photograph fungi in different contexts to capture both their scientific and aesthetic nature.

We will focus on the particular challenges of macro-photography such as high contrast, low light, colour issues and techniques for controlling depth of field, addressing both technical aspects of exposure management and creative aspects of composition. These techniques are also applicable to a great range of macro photography subjects.

Photographs are also an important part of the scientific survey of fungi. Images contribute to knowledge of the distribution and ecology of fungi. Requirements for taking appropriate images for scientific data repositories will also be discussed.

Following an indoor interactive theoretical session the afternoon will be spent in the field putting techniques into practice. Supplementary notes are provided.

Signed copies of Alison’s books, The Allure of Fungi  and Wild Mushrooming will be available for purchase.

This event is generously sponsored by the Torquay and District Landcare Network.

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TIME: 10:00 – 16:00

COST: No cost for Torquay & District Landcare members, $20 for non-members