WORKSHOP – Fungi in Focus

Fungi in Focus – An introduction to photographing fungi

The Merrijig region is home to an incredible diversity of fungi.

With their peculiar forms and amazing colours, fungi make intriguing photographic subjects.

In this introductory workshop, you will learn the basics of how photograph fungi in different contexts to capture both their scientific and aesthetic nature. We will focus on the particular challenges of macro-photography such as high contrast, low light and colour management, addressing both technical aspects of exposure and creative aspects of composition.

Following an indoor highly interactive session, we will then head to the field to search for fungi and practice photographic techniques.

This workshop is sponsored by Up2Us Landcare Alliance.

Further workshops can be viewed at this link.



TIME: 11am – 3pm

LOCATION: Merrijig Hall, 1 Alpha St, Merrijig Vic

COST: $25, lunch included