FORAY – Underground Lovers

Underground Lovers – Field Trip

This field trip introduces participants to the diversity, ecology and curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi, specific to fungi found in the region and its various habitat types.

Participants will learn some of the basic skills used to identify fungi in the field using multiple senses. The relationships between fungi and various plant species and different habitat types will be discussed.

Every fungus has intriguing natural and cultural histories and stories and these will shared along the way.

Participants are encouraged to bring along fungi for identification.

Be sure to where suitable clothing and sturdy footwear. We will be walking a maximum of 2km, mostly on tracks, but with some off-track walking.

The full autumn 2018 workshops and events listing can be viewed here.


THURSDAY 3 MAY, 9:00-11:30

Jumping Creek, Warrandyte

Free to attend but please register your interest.

Further information

Enquiries: Alison