SEMINAR – Licking Honie Among Thornes


Licking Honie Among Thornes

In 1597, John Gerard wrote of fungi in his Herball: ‘fewe of them are good to be eaten; and most of them do suffocate and strangle the eater. Therefore I give my simple advice … to beware of licking honie among thornes.’

Today we know that most fungi don’t suffocate or strangle the eater, nor cause problems in gardens. Although fungi are often maligned by gardeners, clandestine fungal networks beneath the soil provide supportive architecture and increase resistance to drought and disease. Most fungi form beneficial relationships with plants or recycle organic matter.

Gardeners, horticulturalists, foresters and others are discovering the importance of fostering relationships between fungi and plants to maximise the health of both.

This illustrated and interactive seminar explores the amazing diversity and significance of fungi and how they underpin the resilience of  most terrestrial ecosystems and benefit gardens. The seminar will be followed by question time.

Afternoon tea provided.

Sponsored by the Creswick Garden Club.

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TUESDAY 1 MAY, 1:15 – 2:30

Senior Citizens Centre, Water Street, Creswick.

Entry: $2-   All welcome!

Bookings: Leanne

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