FORAY– Meeting with Mushrooms

Foray – Meeting with Mushrooms

Autumn has arrived and the mushrooms are waking up!

What do fungi do in ecosystems? Why does Australia have such fungal diversity?

And how do we differentiate the desirable from the deadly?

As we search for mushrooms, forayers will also learn about the vital ecological importance of fungi and the basic skills for identifying them, along with their fascinating cultural histories.

This foray includes a copy of Wild Mushrooming: A Guide for Foragers, by Alison Pouliot & Tom May (RRP $49.95, published 1 March 2021). Further copies will also be available for purchase along with Alison’s previous book, The Allure of Fungi.

Be sure to dress warmly as the foray will go ahead regardless of weather.

Please note that this event is offered as a ‘package deal’ that includes both the foray and book. If you prefer just to attend a foray or just to purchase a book, please consider one of the other events here.



TIME: 10:00am – 12:00pm

VENUE: Woodend

COST: $85- (includes Wild Mushrooming book)

Foray location provided with booking confirmation.