ONLINE WORKSHOP – Beatrix goes Bonkers


– Mushroom Identification Workshop

Although the world is in lockdown, the fungi are running riot out there!

How did women become the keepers of mushroom lore?

How were mushrooms used historically and today?

And how do we differentiate the desirable from the deadly?

This online workshop introduces participants to the Kingdom Fungi, in the context of the history of women’s knowledge of mushrooms. Participants will learn about their vital ecological importance and the basic skills for identifying fungi though guided examination of their own collected specimens.

While it would have been great to be out in the forest, at least we won’t be wrangling with leeches!

TO NOTE: Participants will need a computer with a good internet connection, camera and microphone. Participants are encouraged to collect a couple of fungus specimens from their gardens in the days before the workshop. Only collect specimens in good condition, without any decay, so we can see the necessary features for identification. When collecting your specimens, remember not all fungi have the typical mushroom cap-and-stalk style form. Also look for other forms such as puffballs, bracket fungi, coral fungi or anything that you suspect might just be a fungus!

Further workshops can be viewed at this link.


SUNDAY 10 MAY 2020

TIME: 10:00 – 12:00