FORAY – In the Field among the Fungi


In the Field Among the Fungi – Fungus Foray & Survey

The fungi of the Box Gum Grassy Woodlands near Cowra are little known. Only very scant and mostly anecdotal records exist. Fungi are an important part of these ecosystems especially in creating and stabilising soils, nourishing and interconnecting plants, as a food supply for animals, and essentially underpinning their health and resilience.

Effective land management, conservation and biodiversity monitoring would ideally take fungi into account. An overview of the fungi of the region would contribute important information to the greater understanding of local ecosystems.

This aim of the foray and survey is to equip participants with the basic principles and protocols for surveying fungi in the field. These participants could then further develop their skills to become leaders in engaging the wider community to partake in fungus surveying. Following an introductory overview we will work in groups to survey the fungi of the field sites using field guides and other resources to use in the field.

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This event will be run entirely in the field.