SEMINAR – Beyond Mushrooms to Mycelium

Beyond Mushrooms to Mycelium

The reproductive structures of fungi such as mushrooms are conspicuous and captivating and have captured attention throughout history. But beyond mushrooms, out of sight in the subterrain, the clandestine wordings of mycelial fungi both underpin functioning terrestrial ecosystems while unravelling human frameworks for understanding nature.

The notion of fungus mycelium wobbles the assumptions and premises that we use to conceive and categorise nature, manage ecosystems and build human societies. However, as we enter the ‘fungal turn’ these unruly fungal renegades might also inspire the innovative thinking needed to navigate an uncertain future.

In this talk Alison shares insights from over two decades spent in the field with fungi across hemispheres.

This event is part of the Mushroom Methods Workshop 14–16 August 2023.

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LOCATION: University of Oulu Linnanmaa campus Room LO124, UNIVERSITY OF OULU, FINLAND

TIME: 14:15–16:00

This event is part of the Mushroom Methods Workshop – New Directions for Researching Fungal Futures