Abandoned bed in bush near Daylesford, DAY6066

Abandoned Farmhouse HOU8703

Abandoned Farmhouse HOU8842

Abandoned Farmhouse HOU9405

Abandoned Kingwood, Gaffneys Ck GAF6410

Addis Bay Looking West, Great Ocean Road ADD3317

Agricultural Landscape AGR7348

Agricultural Landscape AGR8129

Agricultural landscape near Coomoora COO5936

Agricultural Landscape, Fencepost, LIC8785

Angioxanthos Bushbaby ANG5558

Apples APP0358

Approaching storm CUM6385

Approaching storm over field near Beaufort, Victoria BEA7651

Approaching storm over Sugarloaf Reservoir SUG5668

Approaching storm over Sugarloaf Reservoir SUG5673

Apricots, Prunus Armeniaca APR5283

Ardmona Factory, Mooroopna ARD8630

artichokes ART5403

Artichokes, Cynara Cardunculus Var. Scolymus ART5311

Artichokes, Cynara Cardunculus Var. Scolymus ART5312

Artichokes, Cynara Cardunculus Var. Scolymus ART6239

Artichokes, Cynara Cardunculus Var. Scolymus ART6241

Australian King Parrot, Alisterus Scapularis KIN5306

Autumn mists at Mount Franklin MTF9536

Banksia Spinulosa BKN5417

Barbed Wire BAR8155

Barbed Wire BAR9700

barbed wire fence BRB8194

barbed wire fence BRB8199

barbed wire fence BRB8222

barbed wire fence BRB8335

Barham River lower reaches BHM6020

Baringhup Cemetery BAR8798

Barley BLY4830

Barley BLY4877

Barley Crop BLY4894

Bass Strait BAS3958

Bass Strait BAS4000

Bass Strait BAS4006

Bass Strait BAS4024

Bass Strait BAS4049

Beetroot, Beta Vulgaris BRT0370

Beetroot, Beta Vulgaris BRT0375

Bells Swamp BLL0609

Bells Swamp in flood BLL0891

Berner Rosen Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM0366

Billiards Hall, Chiltern, Victoria CHI8031

Bintje Potatoes, Solanum Tuberosum POT0418

Bintje Potatoes, Solanum Tuberosum POT0420

Bintje Potatoes, Solanum Tuberosum POT0426

Bird Skull SKU7503

Black Angus Cows, COW6748

Blue Green algae on Hattah Lake HAT4524

boat BOA8809

Boggy Creek BGG8740

Boggy Creek BGG8801

Borettane Onions, Allium Cepa ONI55305

Brewing storm, rural Victoria RUR6379

Bridge over Bemm River BEM4050

Brodribb River BRB3805

Brown Onions, Allium Cepa ONI0470

Buangor hotel, Buangor BUA7604

Bullarto train station BLL1882

Burnt Wombat Forest near Daylesford DAY5968

Bus Stop Strangways STR7076

Cairn Curran Reservoir catchment showing agricultural landuse, canola CAI 2062

Cairn Curran Reservoir in drought CAI0623

Callistemon Sp. CLL5186

Capsicums CAP0388

Capsicums CAP0402

capsicums CAP5394

Capsicums CAP6278

Capsicums CAP6281

caravan CVN8749

Carrots, Daucus Carota Subsp. Sativus CRT0411

Carrots, Daucus Carota Subsp. Sativus CRT0431

Carrots, Daucus Carota Subsp. Sativus CRT6247

cattle water trough COR9981

Cherries, Prunus Avium CHR5316

Chestnuts, Castanea CHE0506

Chilli Peppers CHI0394

Chiltern Athenaeum CHI8025

Ciccorino Rosso, Cichorium Intybus RAD6273

Clavulinopsis Corallinorosacea CLA3693

Coastal Vegetation COA1111

Coastal Vegetation COA4930

Coliban River catchment COL0165

Corn Crop, Zea Mays Subsp. Mays MAI4849

Corn Crop, Zea Mays Subsp. Mays MAI6267

Corrugated iron CRR7507

Corrugated Iron Shed Mear Mollongghip CRR8844

Corrugated Iron Shed Mear Mollongghip CRR9549

Corrugated Iron Shed Mear Mollongghip CRR9557

Corryong Creek CRR3876

Cortinarius Austrovenetus COR1802

country road, Victoria RUR1642

Cow COW7380

cow COW9634

cow COW9639

cow COW9645

Cows COW7919

Cows COW7926

Cows grazing in wetland at Newlyn, COW9641

Cows, Black Angus COW2128

Cows, Black Angus COW6691

Cows, Black Angus COW6784

Cows, Black Angus COW7292

Cracked mud TEX0535

Crop Irriigation IRR7878

Crop Irriigation IRR7886

Crop Irriigation IRR7897

Crop Irriigation IRR9578

Crop Irriigation IRR9582

Crop Stubble, Central Victoria, CRP8677

Crop Stubble, Central Victoria, CRP9565

cropping RIR6255

Cropping, Central Victoria, CRP7948

Cropping, Central Victoria, CRP7948

Cropping, Central Victoria, CRP7949

Cropping, Central Victoria, CRP7953

Cropping, Central Victoria, CRP9409

Cropping, Central Victoria, CRP9409

cropping, western Victoria CRP1629

Cucumber, Cucumis Sativus CUC0349

Cucumber, Cucumis Sativus CUC0349

Curdies River CUR4694

Dam during drought, central Victoria DAM9910

Dam In Cleared Agricultural Landscape AGR7612

Dam near Inglewood DAM6363

Daylesford architecture, Daylesford, Victoria DAY7874

Daylesford Railway Station DAY6628

Dead Carp CAR7388

Dead carp lake Colac COL6717

dead foxes FOX5040

Dean Reservoir DEA4445

Deflating lilo caught in wood jam LIL6367

Deserted house, Hexham HEX7486

Disc Plough DPL8377

Djerriwarrh Creek Bridge DJE0622

Domestic chook Gallus domesticus GLL1979

Domestic goose GOO1954

Dragonfly DRG6278

drought affected landscape WIN0859

Drought Effects, Shelbourne SHE7203

Drought impacts near Hamilton DRO8068

Drought-affected catchment, Mt Emu MTE8174

Drought-affected stock in Goulburn River catchment GOB6410

Drought-stressed livestock STK4766

Dry Creek, Goulburn River Tributary sign DRY4538

Drying Dam Baringhup BAR8811

Drying Dam With Skull, Baringhup BAR8806

Dumped Rubbish In Forest PLL7709

Dunes, Wingan River catchment, Croajingolong National Park WIN3914

Eastern Grey Kangaroo ROO4013

Eggplant, Solanum Melongena AUB5289

Emerging Cicada, Cyclochila Australasiae APP6498

Engine House of the Duke of Cornwall gold mine FRY2691

Entoloma Rodwayi ENT0306

Erskine River ERS0071

Eucalypt Bark EUC9066

Eucalyptus Camaldulensis EUC0408

Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Redgum EUC5529

Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Redgum EUC9486

Eucalyptus Saligna EUC5551

Farm Dam with Forest Hill in background near Springmount DAM1540

Farming Landscape With Stock FAR7349

Federal Standard Newspaper Office, Chiltern CHI8037

fencing, rural, agriculture, farming, stock, fence, barbed wire, drought, paddock

Fennel, Foeniculum Vulgare FEN0404

Fig, Ficus Carica FIG0484

Fig, Ficus Carica FIG0488

Fig, Ficus Carica FIG0496

Fig, Ficus Carica FIG0510

Fire in the Dandenong Ranges DDG6558

Fishing Buoy BUO3473

Flies on dead blue tongued lizard FLY6574

Flooded paddock Bells Swamp BLL0875

Flooded paddock Bells Swamp BLL8127

Flooding, Lake Muirhead MIU6734

Flooding, Lake Muirhead MIU6740

galahs and corellas GAL0004

garlic GAR5402

Gate Post GAT8315

Gellibrand River GLL3884

Gellibrand River GLL3940

Glenlyon General Store GLY5798

goat sitting on Toyota GOA5232

god sign GOD3797

Gourd, Cucurbitaceae GOI0380

Gourd, Cucurbitaceae GOI0382

Gourd, Cucurbitaceae GOI0384

Grain Store, Maldon MAL7112

Granite country near Glenaroua GLH4946

Grapes, Vitis Vinifera GRP0465

Grapes, Vitis Vinifera GRP5316

grapevine GRP9435

Grave At Baringhup Cemetery BAR8785

Grave At Baringhup Cemetery BAR8872

Grave, Baringhup Cemetery BAR8791

Gravestone BAR8778

Gravestone, Pennyweight Cemetery CHB0431

Grazing GRA9542

Grazing GRA9559

Grazing GRA9559

Grazing impacts, Coomoora COO5773

Grazing in Wannon River catchment WAN7931

Grey River GRE4980

Gunbower wetlands, Murray River MUR6906

Harvested beans BEA5389

harvested beans BEA5392

havested plums PLU5397

Hay Bales HAY8834

Hay Bales HAY8839

Hay Bales HAY8860

Hay Barn Near Beechworth BEE8047

Hay shed Coomoora COO0002

Hay Shed HAY8880

Haystacks near Caramut CMT7496

haystacks, Emu Creek catchment EMU 2346

Hepburn Lagoon HPB6848

Hepburn Lagoon HPB6849

Hepburn Lagoon HPB6852

Hopkins River HOP6763

Hopkins River tributary in drought HOP7691

Horses grazing on Lake Martin MTN7579

Hut on Dinner Plain, Victorian Alps HUT1373

Ibis at Dalyesford recyling station DAY5161

Ibis on stock water tank MUR 6777

Irrigation Channel during drought, northern Victoria IRR4799

Irrigation Channel near Lake Cooper COP6672

Irrigators, Victoria IRR6851

Janeville Bridge over Loddon River at Laanecoorie LOD0857

Jerusalem Artichokes, Helianthus Tuberosus JER6255

Jim Crow Creek catchment, central Victoria JIM4373

Kale, Brassica Oleracea KAL6244

Kale, Brassica Oleracea KAL6257

Kale, Brassica Oleracea KAL6258

Kennett River KNT5036

Kevington Hotel KEV6375

King River catchment KIN5414

Kinglake catchment KIN5618

Koala, Cape Otway GOT3378

Kow Swamp KOW6788

Lake Beeac BEE7584

Lake Bellfield BEL6687

Lake Bolac BOL6802

Lake Bolac BOL6809

Lake Bolac water pipeline during drought BOL 7588

Lake Buninjon BNJ6761

Lake Burrumbeet in drought BUR0005

Lake Burrumbeet in drought BUR0006

Lake Burrumbeet in drought BUR0007

Lake Colac COA6768

Lake Cooper COP6678

Lake Corangamite COR5208

Lake Corangamite from Red Rock COR2999

Lake Corangamite in drought COR9451

Lake Corangamite, Victoria COR3023

Lake Daylesford DAY7329

Lake Eildon EIL6007

Lake Eildon EIL618

Lake Eildon, EIL6042

Lake Eildon, Eildon Arm near Bonnie Doon EIL3672

Lake Elizabeth ELI5285

Lake Elizabeth ELI5812

Lake Eppalock in drought EPA0207

Lake Ghenteen GHE8994

Lake Ghenteen GHE9003

Lake Glennmaggie GMG3447

Lake Glennmaggie weir GMG3687

Lake Gnapurt GNA0048

Lake Gnapurt GNA6940

Lake Gnapurt GNA6972

Lake Hume from Ludlows Reserve HUM8134

Lake Jubilee during high flows showing flooded observation platform JUB1140

Lake Martin MTN7581

Lake Modewarre MDW9249

Lake Modewarre MWR7417

Lake Muirhead MIU6752

Lake Punpundal PUN0030

Lake Rosine during drought, Victoria ROS7009

Lake Rosine during drought, Victoria ROS7016

Lake Rosine during drought, Victoria ROS7030

Lake Rosine during drought, Victoria ROS7032

Lake Rosine during drought, Victoria ROS7046

Lake Terangpom in drought TEA0017

Lake Tyers Nowa Nowa Arm TYE8858

Lake Wendouree during drought WEN7116

Lal Lal Reservoir LAL7293

Langi Ghiran Reservoir LGR6566

Latrobe Creek Wetland LAT4409

Lauriston Reservoir in drought, Victoria LAU0492

Lauriston Reservoir in drought, Victoria LAU0513

Lauriston Reservoir in drought, Victoria LAU0556

Lauriston Reservoir in drought, Victoria MOS0549

Lauriston Reservoir LAU5811

Lauriston Reservoir LAU5867

Lauriston Reservoir LAU5882

leaning barn HAY8676

Letterboxes, Eastville EAS7213

Lettuce, Lactuca Sativa LET0407

Lettuce, Lactuca Sativa LET0435

Lettuce, Lactuca Sativa LET0441

Loddon River at Bridgewater LOD0736

Loddon River at Newbridge showing flood debris in riparian vegetation LOD0685

Loddon River catchment LOD0261

Loddon River catchment LOD2330

Logan Pub LOG6279

Long Billed Corellas, Cacatua Tenuirostris COR8649

Lower reaches of Goulburn River near confluence with Murray at Stewarts Bridge GOU7333

Loy Yang Creek wetland with canola in background LYY3396

Main Street Woods Point WOO6445

Main Street Woods Point WOO6451

Maits Rest, Otways, Wet Temperate Rainforest MAI3638

Maits Rest, Otways, Wet Temperate Rainforest MAI3731

Maits Rest, Otways, Wet Temperate Rainforest MAI3743

Maldon Hotel MAL7100

male gang-gang cockatoo, Callocephalon fimbriatum GAN0110

Malmsbury Reservoir in drought, Victoria MAL0599

Marasmiellus Sp. MAR0030

McKillops Bridge over Snowy River SNO4596

Milk Pale Letterbox MIL9537

Moorabool River catchment in drought, Victoria MOR9899

Moorabool River tributary MOR4268

Mt Franklin grazing MTF3929

Mt Franklin grazing MTF6614

Murray River wetland MUR4193

Newlyn Reservoir NWN6894

Old abandoned kingwoods near Gaffneys Creek GAF6413

Old Barn Ruins SHE8940

Old Barn, Coomoora COO7488

Old Cob and Co Station, Buangor BUA7600

Old corrugated iron sheds, Ballarat BAL0004

Old corrugated shed, Ballarat BAL 9124

old corrugated water tank CRR1803

Old Daylesford Railway line DAY0602

Old farmhouse near Gelantipy GPY4271

Old farmhouses and farm sheds near Lindenow LDW3800

Old Garages, Kyneton KYE7333

Old grocers, Cressy

old house, Daylesford DAY6036

Old mail boxes, Hexham HEX7484

old rail bridge at Joyces Creek Cairn Curran Reservoir, Victoria CAI6417

Old redgum near Smeaton SME4514

Old ruins near Beaufort BEA7630

Old ruins near Beaufort, BEA7642

Old shed, Buangor BUA7612

Old shed, Linton LIN7346

Old shed, Mt Franklin MTF7757

Old shed, Skipton SKI7403

Old Stag With Cockatoo EUC7438

old tin TIN0404

Old vehicle near Woods Point WOO6431

Old water tank TAN7526

Old Water Tank TAN8818

Old Water Tank TAN8819

Old Water Tank TAN8822

Old water tank; Pomonal; Victoria; POM 7541

Old winch, Howqua Inlet, Peachy Bay, Lake Eildon, EIL6285

Otway Forest OTW0079

Pears, Pyrus Communis PEA0467

Peterborough PET4710

Physignathus Lesuerii, Eastern Water Dragon PHY5002

Pineapple, Ananas Comosus PIN0522

Point Roadknight PRK3383

Post Office Boxes; Maldon MAL7124

Potato, Solanum Tuberosum POT5316

Prickly Pear, Opuntia Ficus Indica PRI0501

Private Property Sign PVT8849

Pumpkins Curcurbita sp.CUR0262

Pykes Creek Reservoir PYK9647

Red Onions, Allium Cepa ONI0428

Red Onions, Allium Cepa ONI0508

redgums EUC0409

Reservoir on Easter Creek Langi Ghiran EAS6613

Road to Dean Reservoir, Victoria DEA4369

Rural catchment of Creswick Creek CRE1493

Rural landscape near Moliagul MOL6254

rural letterboxes LBO7293

Rusting corrugated iron roof CRR7354

Sailors Creek at The Blowhole during high flows SLS0802

Salt Lake SAL8141

Scar tree AST4682

shearing SHE7658

Sheep at Hamilton stock market, HAM8014

Sheep, Ovis Aries And Windmill WIN8698

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE4111

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE4744

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE5668

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE5674

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE5684

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE5689

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE5696

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE5703

Sheep, Ovis Aries SHE8853

Shire Council Chambers, Huntly HUN6647

Shire Hall, Ararat ARA7595

Short Beaked Echidna, Tachyglossus Aculeatus ECH1579

Silo, Baringhup BAR7239

Silos, Ballan SIL9401

Silos, Ballan SIL9404

Silos, Goornong GOO6649

Silos, Goornong GOO6651

Silos, Goornong GOO6652

Silos, Goornong GOO6654

Silos, Goornong GOO6662

spent cartridges GUN7776

squash Cucurbita maxima SQU0237

Squash Cucurbita Maxima SQU0252

Stag In Paddock AGR1234

Steavenson River Fire Impacts STV5724

stock being fed during drought WAN7820

Stock feeding during drought STK6870

Stock grazing in drought and fire affected Corangamite catchment COR9727

Stock grazing on dried wetland, western district, Victoria WET7539

stock in containment during drought SHE4753

sugar pie pumpkins, Curbita pepo CUR0239

Swainsona Formosa SDP5570

The Imperial hotel, Castlemaine CAS6637

The Loddon Aboriginal Station Site 1841 To 1849 LOD8925

The Rex, Daylesford, Victoria DAY7845

Thomson Reservoir THO3127

tomatoes TOM5405

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM0448

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5259

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5260

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5262

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5265

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5267

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5270

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5272

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5273

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5276

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5289

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM5405

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM6276

Tomatoes, Solanum Lycopersicum TOM9731

Town Hall, Ararat ARA7586

Treefrog FRG7013

Trestle Bridge, Noojee NOO3616

Undertaker’s sign, Linton LIN7341

Upper Yarra Reservoir UYC6466

Upper Yarra River, water guage YAR6487

Villa Parma, Hepburn Springs, Victoria HEP8817

Water harvesting Lake Mokoan MOK4997

Water tank, Bells Swamp in flood BLL0639

Water tank, Buangor Vic BUA 7609

Wet Temperate Rainforest RFT4989

Wet Temperate Rainforest RFT5010

Windmill deconstruction SSA6797

Yarra River at Pound Bend, Warrnadyte YAR2832

Zucchinis, Cucurbita Pepo ZUC0406

Zucchinis, Cucurbita Pepo ZUC5294

Zucchinis, Cucurbita Pepo ZUC55305

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