WORKSHOP – Art & Science of Nature Photography

shellharbour, art and science of nature photography

Focus on Nature – The Art and Science of Environmental Photography

Shellharbour provides a great range of environmental themes to photography. This highly interactive workshop with theoretical and practical components assists participants in developing technical and creative skills in photographing environmental themes, including photopoint monitoring. The field component is an ideal way for participants to consolidate information and become confident with handling photographic equipment.

The workshop is especially relevant to people such as field scientists, citizen scientists, Waterwatch monitors, Landcarers, property owners, conservationists and the like who want to use photography to document environmental change over time, develop visual inventories of species and improve their ability to effectively capture environmental themes.

The following themes will be addressed:

In situ environmental photography from macro to landscape scales, covering a variety of environmental themes.

Development of observation skills and fine-tuning to the particularities of environmental subjects.

Principles of Photopoint Monitoring (and post-photography workflow management if requested by participants).

Exploration of photographic principles of composition and exposure for tricky situations such as high contrast lighting, moving subjects, low light situations etc.

Exploration of principles of aesthetics and how aesthetic and scientific photography converge.

The workshop is suitable for participants with all types of cameras and all levels of skill.

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Saturday 21 April 2018, 10:00 – 16:00