PANEL TALK – The Magic of Mushrooms


The Magic of Mushrooms

A mycelial path to saving the planet

Speakers: Alison Pouliot, Gavin McIntyre, Brian Pickles and Mike Hornblow

Host: Robyn Williams

Fungi preceded trees and animals on the Earth by hundreds of millions of years, and they’ll be cleaning humanity’s mess long after we’re gone. But can the humble ‘shroom help us save the planet right now? Bioneer Gavin McIntyre from ground breaking New York biofabrication company Ecovative Design, mycologists Brian Pickles and Alison Pouliot, and mycotecture designer Mike Hornblow are certain they can.

Fungi are saving the planet daily by energy cycling ecosystems, decomposing organic matter and feeding plants and animals. Now, scientists are also harnessing their mycelium – the root structure of mushrooms – to save the planet. They’re growing incredible sustainable materials to replace the use of wood, foam, bricks, leather, and plastics. They’ve even discovered fungi that eat plastic, clean up petrochemicals, absorb radiation, filter wastewater and treat a range of illnesses and immune-mediated conditions! Here’s to a fungi future.

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Date:  SUNDAY 10 MARCH 2019


This event is part of the 2019 Womadelaide Planet Talks Series.

Session hosted by Robyn Williams

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