WORKSHOP – Earthly Incarnations

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Earthly Incarnations – An Introduction to the Fungi of Retford Park

Although little known, the roots of almost every plant in every garden are intimately entwined with fungi. These mutually beneficial relationships extend beyond trees to include every orchid and most shrubs and grasses, and are the secret to their success in our highly variable climate and nutrient-deficient soils.

Fungi not only help plants access water and nutrients, but also increase their resistance to drought and disease. They build architecture in soils, aerating them and allowing water to gently percolate to deeper horizons. While often maligned by gardeners, fungi in fact are friends, not foes.

This highly interactive workshop introduces participants to the diversity, ecology and curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi, specific to fungi found at Retford Park and in the surrounding region but also within a wider Australian (and international) context. It includes an overview of the major fungal groups, the basics of fungus identification, fungal ecology, and the natural and cultural history of fungi. Fungal specimens from the local area will be displayed, discussed and examined.

Following a delicious picnic-style lunch we will partake in an exciting foray through the various habitat types of the magnificent gardens of Retford Park to search for species of interest.

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Signed copies of Alison’s books, The Allure of Fungi and Wild Mushrooming will be available for purchase.

This event is part of the Australian Heritage Festival.



TIME: 10:00 am – 4 pm

VENUE: Retford Park, 1325 Old South Road, Bowral

COST: $147–$163

Includes lunch