WORKSHOP – Fungi in Focus

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Fungi in Focus – Masterclass for photographers and illustrators

Retford Park is home to an incredible diversity of fungi. With their peculiar forms and amazing array of colours, fungi make intriguing photographic subjects.

In this masterclass we will discuss how to visualise fungi in different contexts to capture both their scientific and aesthetic nature. We will consider particular challenges such as high contrast, low light and colour issues to address both technical aspects of exposure management and creative aspects of composition. These techniques are also applicable to a great range of macro photography subjects.

Photographing fungi requires both an understanding of the basic principles of macro-photography as well as an intimate knowledge of the subject. It requires not just an aesthetic eye but in-depth knowledge of fungus morphologies. Knowing how to recognise and capture particular aspects of fungi opens possibilities for creating more compelling images and also makes the workshop of relevance to other visual artists such as illustrators and painters who want to represent fungi accurately and realistically.

Following an indoor interactive theoretical session we will foray through the gardens to search for fungi and put principles into practice.

Further workshops can be viewed at this link.

Signed copies of Alison’s book, The Allure of Fungi, will be available for purchase.



VENUE: Retford Park, 1325 Old South Road, Bowral

COST: $60 ($50 for National Trust members)