SEMINAR – Slow Mushrooming



Fungi are diverse, delicious and sometimes deadly. With interest in foraging for wild food on the rise, learning to accurately identify fungi reduces both poisoning risk to humans and harm to the environment.

Five years in the making, Wild Mushrooming brings together the knowledge and experience of ecologist and environmental photographer Alison Pouliot and mycologist Tom May. It is the first Australian field guide to document edible fungi and their toxic lookalike species.

Developing the skills to find fungi requires slowness, not speed. The book takes a ‘slow mushrooming’ approach – providing the information to correctly identify a few edible species thoroughly, rather than many superficially. It also advocates ‘ecological foraging’ – an approach based on care, conservation and a deep understanding of ecosystem dynamics.

In this talk Alison will share insights from over two decades of roaming the forests across hemispheres and working alongside scientists, foragers and mushroom inspectors. This unique opportunity to observe how mycological knowledge develops across cultures and ecologies has provided unique perspectives for the book.

Signed copies of Wild Mushrooming: A Guide for Foragers will be available at the talk.

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6pm – 7:30pm

Creswick Neighbourhood Centre, 21/19 Victoria St, Creswick VIC

FREE  to attend but bookings essential