WORKSHOP – Meeting with Mushrooms

Meeting with Mushrooms – Fungal Ecology & Identification Workshop

Relative to plants and animals, the diversity and significance of fungi is little known. Yet fungi are vital in creating and stabilising soils, nourishing and interconnecting plants, recycling nutrients, retaining and filtering water, restoring environmental damage and essentially underpinning ecosystem health and resilience.

This workshop introduces participants to the diversity of the Kingdom Fungi and the basic principles of fungus identification, including fungi from the various local habitat types and those from further afield.

In addition to the ecological and mycological aspects, we will also discuss cultural and conservation aspects of fungi.

There will be opportunity for participants to examine and handle fungus specimens.

Further workshops can be viewed at this link.

Copies of Alison’s books, The Allure of Fungi , Underground Lovers and Wild Mushrooming will be available for purchase.



VENUE: 62 Main St, Natimuk VIC 3409, Australia

TIME: 10am – 2:30pm

COST: $25- Landcare members, $35- for non-members.