BOOK LAUNCH – Underground Lovers


Underground Lovers – Encounters with Fungi

Once overlooked, fungi are the exhilarating new poster organisms reconfiguring our understanding of the natural word and capturing the public imagination.

Underground Lovers is a captivating journey into the sensory realms of fungi. It’s told through first-hand stories – from the Australian desert to Iceland’s glaciers to America’s Cascade Mountains – where we encounter glowing ghost fungi and the enigma of the lobster mushroom. We’ll dwell with fungal allies and aliens, discover how fungi hold forests together, and why humans are deeply intwined with these unruly renegades of the subterrain.

The book presents new questions and insights about fungi but is also an intimate celebration of their astonishing beauty and complexity. It melds science and personal reflection to explore overlooked themes, among them ­– fungi and fire, fungi and climate change, fungi and aesthetics, fungi in ecosystem restoration, and fungi and indigenous wisdom.

What can we learn from the lives of fungi? Underground Lovers brings us to our knees, magnifier in hand, to find out. Please join us for the launch of Underground Lovers to hear some stories from Alison’s adventures during the writing of the book.

Signed copies of Underground Lovers will be available.

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TIME: 6:30–8pm

VENUE: The Produce Store, 68 High St , Mansfield Vic 3722

COST: $15 including light fungus-themed supper