SEMINAR – Curry Punk & Jelly Brain

Curry Punk & Jelly Brain – The Conservation & Aesthetics of Fungi

The earth’s rapidly changing climate and environmental issues have come into sharp focus through the demise of charismatic megafauna and the ‘biodiversity crisis’.

But what about stinkhorns and slime moulds?

How do fungi and their kin get our attention when they are not only overshadowed by more ‘popular’ organisms, but are rarely included in our ideas about ‘nature’ or ‘biodiversity’?

Over the last 25 years Alison has divided her time between hemispheres, working both with fungi and their followers. She has been actively involved in fungal conservation and land restoration programs.

In this talk Alison will explore how fungi are perceived across hemispheres in conservation contexts and which fungal flagships best capture the public imagination.

Alison will also some stories from the writing of her recent book, Meetings with Remarkable Mushrooms in which she interacted with fungi and their followers across a dozen countries. The book will be available for purchase on the night through Munro’s Books.

This event is supported by the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society and The Stuntz Foundation.

The full program of talks and events can be viewed at this link.



LOCATION: St. Luke’s Cedar Hill,  3821 Cedar Hill Cross Road, Victoria

TIME: 19:00