WORKSHOP – Café Champignon

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Café Champignon

Following in the French tradition of Café Philosophique, Café Champignon brings the curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi to a backyard near you.

This workshop introduces participants to the fascinating natural and cultural histories of fungi. It begins with an overview of the significances of fungi as the orchestrators of life and death. Participants will get to handle and examine a variety of fungi in their various forms and manifestations.

Over a cuppa, we’ll then partake in an engaging discussion to explore the wider implications of fungi in the context of a rapidly changing world.

Why have fungi been overlooked in notions of biodiversity and conservation?

Could greater attention to the fungal networks that bind, filter and aerate soils be the solution to agricultural practices that have brought about our radically depleted landscapes?

How might fungi provide literal and allegorical frameworks for more innovative ways of thinking about the living world?

Please join us to delve into all things fungal and contribute your ideas to this important conversation.

This event is supported by the Dirt Foundation.

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SATURDAY 24 MARCH 2018, 4 – 6:30PM


$15- including afternoon tea


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