WORKSHOP: Fungi in Focus

Focus on Fungi

Photographs of fungi are an important part of learning to identify fungi, and also for documenting their whereabouts.

Online platforms such as Fungimap, iNaturalist and the Atlas of Living Australia are great resources of images of fungi to which the public can contribute.

What are the important aspects of a mushroom to capture and how do we deal with tricky lighting and other challenges in the field?

In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to photograph fungi in different contexts to capture both their scientific and aesthetic contexts, as well as the use of photography in biodiversity monitoring.

Following an interactive indoor session, the afternoon will be spent in the field finding fungi putting techniques into practice.

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TIME: 9am–3:30pm

VENUE: Environmental Learning Facility, Orange Showground Leeds Parade, Orange NSW 2800, Australia and field trip at Mt Canobolas.

COST: $50-