WORKSHOP – Finding Words Through Images

Visual Narratives – Finding Words Through Images

As forms of artistic expression, photography and poetry share much in common. Both are the outcome of intense honing, of distillation – the art of reduction. Both can convey a point of view or story that goes beyond mere description. Photographers often borrow literary devices such as irony, but writers also have much to glean from photographs. This workshop explores the crossovers and co-habitations of words and images and how they might enhance and inspire one another.

Through an interactive critique and discussion of both participants’ images and those of some well-known ironists, we will explore how irony and other visual-literary devices can raise important questions – rather than necessarily provide answers – about the state of the world.

The workshop is suitable to anyone interested in the interplay of aesthetics, images and words regardless of photographic knowledge.

This workshop is part of the Writers at the Woolshed Literature Festival.

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TIME: 10:00am – 3pm

VENUE: Cottontail Winery, 562 Pattersons Road, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

COST: $75 & $80